Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here it is ladies and gentlemen!  It has a couple of "design flaws" but it's finished. I learned alot along the way too, like M1's are a touchy subject and I'm still not convinced I'm doing them right. Obviously, button

sewing isn't my specialty either, but you live and learn!

Also, my order came from KP today! I am now the proud owner of blocking mats, blocking pins, 6" harmony dpn's, size finder, a hank of Imagination in Mermaid Lagoon, a hank of Imagination in Frog Prince, and a hank of Hand Painted Stroll in Tea Party. The mermaid lagoon and frog prince are for doggie sweaters for my Candace and Oscar and the delicious tea party is for socks for my mom.
Thanks to all for your encouragement along the way while doing my BSJ. I can't say I'll be casting on another anytime soon, but it was definately a challenge I'm glad I made it through.
I'm going to start the Kroy socks for my hubby tonight while I listen to Friday Night Knitting Club on the Ipod. Aren't audio books the best??

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