Monday, February 1, 2010

BSJ News and other rantings....

Are ya'll snowed in? LOL! We got maybe 2 or 2 1/2 inches, not quite the 16 inches predicted but the black ice is horrible right now!

I'm on row 74 of the BSJ finally and I'm beginning to think of how I should finish off the edges. I've never tried I-cord before, but I am leaning towards that. What do you think?
I also found some cute the fish buttons that go well with the blues in the BSJ.

I ordered some Imagination in Frog Prince and Mermaid last night from Knitpicks to start my doggie sweaters. I had a horrible experience with PetSmart yesterday and I left crying with my mini schnauzer Candace shaven instead of just trimmed up. They even shaved her down to bare skin on her chest!! So, needless to say, She is cold!! I was really disappointed in PetSmart. Our appt was at 12:00 and when we went back at the agreed upon time, 4:30, they still weren't finished with Candace or Oscar and since the store was closing at 5pm due to inclement weather, I felt like they did a horrible rush job! To top all of that off, they didn't give them any water the whole time they were there and didn't even take them to the bathroom. I had to laugh when Oscar hiked his leg on the door scanners and did a little fist pump on the inside. My doggies are my husband and I's babies since cancer decided that I couldn't have any more so I'm just a little obsessive over them :) Thanks for letting me vent!! LOL



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