Sunday, October 25, 2009

Little Knitting Nibbles

Not much knitting going on this week. I've tried 12 times to start the lace shawl and all 12 times have to frog it. I still have a couple more hats to make for christmas and since I can't figure out how to knit lace, I've got to figure out something else to make my mom for christmas!!

I recently had a huge box of knitting and crochet needles given to me, some in the original packaging!! The circular needles look extremely old, like maybe circa 1950's. I will post a picture soon. I'm trying to figure out how I can find out the production dates and if they are worth any money. I may be sitting on a landmine!!

Knitpicks is now on YouTube, so I would highly suggest checking it out and subscribing. I've been watching alot of videos, especially the Magic Loop method and the anatomy of a sock. The following is a couple of great tutorials: and
and several sock knitting videos here:
Kelley Petkun of Knitpicks is great at teaching us "Knewbies".
That's about it for tonight!
As always, knit for love, knit for life, but always knit to finish!

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